Caring for Your Glassware Posted on 16 Apr 09:46

In a busy restaurant or bar, accidents happen. However, there are some simple steps you can take to increase the life of your glassware and minimize breakage. Here are some tips to share with waiters, bartenders, busboys and anyone handling glassware in your kitchen.
  • Always use a plastic scoop for ice. Never scoop ice with the glass itself.
  • Never put flatware in glasses when bussing.
  • Never stack your glasses.
  • When pouring hot drinks, always rinse the glass with hot water first.
  • Keep an adequate inventory so that you don’t have to use recently washed items during rushes.
  • Check the temperature of your dishwasher twice a day. Replace worn glass washer brushes.
Remember, never serve a beverage in a glass that is chipped or cracked. Not only is this poor presentation, you also run the risk of it breaking completely while being used by a customer.