First In, First Out Food Storage Posted on 24 Apr 10:31

There is nothing more frustrating than throwing out old forgotten produce or other food items that have gone bad. It’s just like flushing money down the toilet. This type of needless waste doesn’t have to happen. Following HACCP guidelines, the rule of “first in, first out” is crucial in ensuring food is safe and good quality — and it can save you money. It all begins with proper labeling at the time of receiving.

First in, first out, or FIFO, means always use the foods you received or prepared first. To be successful, the “use-by” date must be clearly marked on all food containers. Always place new foods behind older foods on shelves so that employees can easily pull the correct food. It’s a good idea to label items at the time they are received, before storing.

*FDA Model Food Code says the date on the container should be the use-by date, not the date the food was prepared. EXAMPLE: If today is Tuesday and you are labeling an item with a three-day shelf life, use the Thursday label so everyone knows that product needs to be used by the end of the day Thursday.

We recommend using day-of-the-week, color-coded labels. We carry these in the showroom so stop by and pick some up!

Remember, the FIFO rule applies to both cold food and dry items. By following this principle, you can cut costs while serving quality food to satisfied customers.