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BBQ Wood Smoking Pellets

Kentucky Restaurant Supply is proud to carry Lumber Jack BBQ grilling pellets.

All natural. No additives. No binders. No oils.

  • Made from actual trees, not just residual wood.
  • Made using the bark and cambium layer of trees. This is the area where the most flavor in a tree resides.
  • Made in a smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area.
  • Available in a multitude of flavors including pure and blended mixtures. We carry Hickory and Maple-Hickory-Cherry Blend in our showroom.
  • Made in the USA

Whether you love to BBQ in your backyard or for contests, or if you are a restaurant using pellets for smoking and cooking, you've got to try these out!

Priced at just $20 after tax for a 40 pound bag.